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L.A. Times - Real Estate News

7/22/2021 9:00:12 AM -04:00

'Charlie's Angels' actress Shelley Hack hauled in $11.4 million for her 99-year-old Craftsman compound in Santa Monica, or $2.5 million more than she was asking.

7/20/2021 5:25:23 PM -04:00

Ava Duvernay, director of 'Selma' and '13th,' just sold her three-story Midcentury home in Hollywood Hills for $2.06 million.

7/20/2021 6:00:25 AM -04:00

Southern California's median home price soared to $680,000 in June, an all-time high for the six-county region. Sales are also on the rise.

7/19/2021 4:26:31 PM -04:00

Records reveal the buyer of the USC presidential mansion is Tianqiao Chen, a Chinese billionaire who funded a new neuroscience center at Caltech.

7/16/2021 5:17:48 PM -04:00

In the Hollywood Hills, actress Helen Mirren and director Taylor Hackford are asking $18.5 million for their longtime home on 6.5 acres.

7/14/2021 4:28:56 PM -04:00

Near the high-rise Century building in Century City, the longtime home of the late comedian Don Rickles is on the market for $6.5 million.

7/14/2021 2:55:56 PM -04:00

In Beverly Hills Post Office, a lavish hilltop compound owned by late Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen is going for $55.5 million.

7/13/2021 4:54:15 PM -04:00

Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka has sold his Newport Beach home for $3.7 million, nearly double the $2 million he paid for it 12 years ago.

7/13/2021 2:56:32 PM -04:00

Shonda Rhimes, the prolific producer behind 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Scandal,' is asking $25 million for her 1920s villa in Hancock Park.

7/9/2021 7:45:43 PM -04:00

The Los Angeles County office rental market is showing signs of stabilizing as businesses shed less space expecting better times are ahead. But workers are still hesitant.

7/9/2021 6:26:32 PM -04:00

NBA star Ben Simmons just scored a brand-new farmhouse in Hidden Hills for $17.5 million.

7/9/2021 6:05:08 PM -04:00

Legendary boxing analyst Larry Merchant is asking $5.7 million for his boxy home of 24 years in the North of Montana neighborhood of Santa Monica.

7/8/2021 8:00:03 AM -04:00

Theater, tourism, dining out, shopping took big COVID hits. But the community, which defines Los Angeles in many out-of-towners' minds, is looking up.

7/7/2021 4:54:49 PM -04:00

In the Arizona desert, martial artist-turned-action star Steven Seagal just hauled in $3.55 million for his bulletproof home on 12 acres.

7/7/2021 2:34:16 PM -04:00

San Marino's Seeley Mudd Estate, which has housed USC presidents for 40 years, just sold for $25 million, or $500,000 more than the asking price.

7/6/2021 7:42:15 PM -04:00

UTA talent agent Greg Cavic is asking $9.35 million for his Midcentury gem, featured in the book "Modernism Rediscovered."

7/6/2021 3:54:18 PM -04:00

Basketball Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett just hauled in $16 million for an 11,000-square-foot home that's still under construction in Malibu.

7/2/2021 7:04:50 PM -04:00

On the resort peninsula of Coronado, a 134-year-old Victorian with three guesthouses is up for grabs at $24 million.

7/1/2021 8:00:13 AM -04:00

A hotel mogul's Bel-Air mansion and a philanthropist's Malibu beach house top the list of the priciest home sales so far in 2021.

6/29/2021 3:59:31 PM -04:00

The sleek Malibu home of late billionaire Eli Broad just sold for $51.65 million, which ranks as Southern California's second-priciest sale of 2021.

6/29/2021 10:02:03 AM -04:00

The Northern California homeowner of the 'Flintstone House' quietly settled her lawsuit against the town of Hillsborough in April.

6/29/2021 9:00:00 AM -04:00

After 17 years in Beverly Hills, 'Seinfeld' actor John O'Hurley has sold his 1920s villa for $4.5 million.

6/29/2021 1:58:57 AM -04:00

The governor acted just hours after both houses of the Legislature approved the bill extending the eviction protections through Sept. 30.

6/28/2021 5:43:20 PM -04:00

As she tries to sell her Encino home, Grammy-winning singer Kelly Clarkson just paid $5.445 million for a Colonial-style spot in nearby Toluca Lake.

6/28/2021 9:00:14 AM -04:00

A whimsical, cave-like home designed by artist James Hubbell just traded hands for $1.145 million outside Escondido.

6/25/2021 4:45:18 PM -04:00

Director Anthony Russo just sold the famed Culbertson House, a 110-year-old Craftsman built by Greene & Greene, for $6.25 million.

6/24/2021 8:00:11 AM -04:00

With the latest store, opening Thursday, Apple showcases its creative muscle. Others see it as a harbinger of downtown's reawakening after COVID.

6/23/2021 7:03:45 PM -04:00

Sunset Marquis hotel owner George Rosenthal is asking $38 million for his 180-acre retreat in Malibu complete with a 12,000-square-foot hacienda and vineyard.

6/23/2021 9:00:05 AM -04:00

A waterfront home with four infinity pools owned by late shoe mogul Bob Campbell has sold for $19.9 million in Boca Raton, Fla., setting a price record.

6/22/2021 5:32:42 PM -04:00

'Walking Dead' star Norman Reedus and 'National Treasure' actress Diane Kruger are asking $9.25 million for a castle-like home in Hollywood Hills.

6/22/2021 8:00:56 AM -04:00

Take a look at five homes in five different Los Angeles communities on the market for around $500,000.

6/22/2021 8:00:28 AM -04:00

The median home sales price hit a record $667,000 last month, but there are signs of a slowdown: One index of national home buyer demand is down 14% from an April peak.

6/21/2021 4:47:44 PM -04:00

Actress and fashion designer Tara Subkoff just paid $2.25 million for a scenic Streamline Moderne-style home in Silver Lake with a funicular and rooftop deck.

6/18/2021 6:46:31 PM -04:00

Regal Cinemas signed a lease Friday with mall landlord Douglas Emmett Inc. to take over the vacant theaters in the Galleria and reopen them soon.

6/18/2021 4:52:38 PM -04:00

The Los Feliz home of reality show host Zak Bagans, once owned by the LaBianca family, has sold for the second time in three years for $1.875 million.

6/17/2021 6:33:43 PM -04:00

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic has sold his ocean-view condo in Miami Beach for $6 million days after winning the 2021 French Open.

6/17/2021 10:00:22 AM -04:00

Off-black walls, African-inspired murals and comfortable vintage furnishings make Adrien Beard's DTLA loft an inspiring place to hang. That's the point. They call this fresh, unique style Neo Afro Eclectic.

6/17/2021 9:00:44 AM -04:00

New Age author Deepak Chopra is asking $5.65 million for his scenic La Jolla home of 28 years.

6/16/2021 3:39:33 PM -04:00

On Malibu's Broad Beach, the waterfront brick beach house of late actor Jack Lemmon is on the market for $13.45 million.

6/15/2021 2:17:13 PM -04:00

'Friends' star Matthew Perry has sold a Century City penthouse touted as a 'mansion in the sky' for $21.6 million, the priciest Southern California condo sale in years.

6/15/2021 8:00:07 AM -04:00

With California's economy reopening, rent in Los Angeles and other big cities is beginning to rise.

6/14/2021 4:45:46 PM -04:00

Actor Robert Redford is asking $4.9 million for his 30-acre horse ranch outside the Sundance Mountain Resort that he developed in Utah.

6/11/2021 8:00:41 AM -04:00

The San Pedro Fish Market, beloved by generations of Latino families and lately by Instagramers, needs to relocate. The owner has big plans to expand.

6/10/2021 8:30:06 AM -04:00

Lumber prices quadrupled, leading to sticker shock — and some stalled and canceled projects — for homeowners and developers.

6/9/2021 3:56:38 PM -04:00

In Sunset Beach, an 87-foot water tower remodeled into a one-of-a-kind home is on the market for $4.95 million.

6/8/2021 6:02:28 PM -04:00

Skateboarder Ryan Sheckler just wrapped up a sale in his hometown of San Clemente, shedding the coastal home in an off-market deal for $3 million.

6/8/2021 3:30:28 PM -04:00

Polo G, the rapper behind the hits "Pop Out" and "Rapstar," just shelled out $4.885 million for a mansion with a custom garage in Chatsworth.

6/8/2021 8:00:32 AM -04:00

A conflict over housing for the homeless has engulfed many in Arcadia and showcased the power of Asian immigrants and Asian Americans.

6/7/2021 7:30:27 PM -04:00

Dodgers co-owner Bobby Patton is asking $15 million for his Los Feliz home where comedian W.C. Fields lived in the 1940s.

6/7/2021 3:30:16 PM -04:00

NBA legend Dwyane Wade just sold his Miami Beach mansion complete with a Miami Heat-themed basketball court for $22 million.

6/7/2021 1:30:33 PM -04:00

Anaheim Ducks star Ryan Getzlaf just shelled out $5 million for a scenic Coto de Caza estate with a basketball court and putting green.

6/6/2021 6:00:28 AM -04:00

It may not be easy to set up, but a right to housing should be essential in Los Angeles.

6/3/2021 9:00:46 AM -04:00

Furniture designer Michael Amini is asking $69.8 million for his custom palace in Newport Coast, a price that would set a record in Orange County.

6/3/2021 8:00:42 AM -04:00

Tencent's U.S. division plans to double the size of its operation in Los Angeles at a new office in Playa Vista.

6/2/2021 9:00:10 AM -04:00

Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard is asking $46.5 million for his Palisades estate complete with a 16,700-square-foot mansion, guesthouse, pool and tennis court.

6/2/2021 6:00:03 AM -04:00

Last week, after an emotional public debate, the L.A. Planning Commission approved a housing project on a beachside parking lot

6/1/2021 4:24:15 PM -04:00

Football great Tony Gonzalez sold his 13,000-square-foot showplace to billionaire investor Wayne Boich for $21.15 million.

6/1/2021 8:00:12 AM -04:00

A developer's plan has set off a debate over whether L.A. should try to protect the building that has long been home to Taix, a popular Echo Park restaurant.

5/28/2021 7:07:57 PM -04:00

In the hills of Los Feliz, actor Zac Efron hauled in $5.3 million for his scenic Zen-inspired home of eight years.

5/28/2021 4:24:52 PM -04:00

In the 90210, actor Will Arnett just sold a smart house based on the designs of modernist architect Rap Kappe for $7.85 million.

5/27/2021 7:02:34 PM -04:00

Steele Platt, the restaurateur who founded the sports bar chain Yard House, is seeking $10 million for his desert digs in La Quinta's Madison Club.

5/27/2021 8:00:45 AM -04:00

The Lakers are extending their Staples Center lease through 2041, telling the Los Angeles Times in exclusive interviews promised building renovation and prime location were key to the deal.

5/26/2021 6:08:32 PM -04:00

Salsa star Marc Anthony just sold a 17,000-square-foot Florida mansion that he bought from the Bacardi heiress for $22.4 million.

5/26/2021 9:00:38 AM -04:00

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union took a slight loss in Sherman Oaks, selling a scenic villa for $5.5 million that they bought for $6 million in 2018.

5/25/2021 5:46:30 PM -04:00

After buying a Venice compound, actress Margot Robbie is asking $3.475 million for her designer spot in Hancock Park.

5/25/2021 8:00:39 AM -04:00

Take a look at what $700,000 — cheaper than the median home price in L.A. County — buys right now in seven L.A. communities.

5/25/2021 8:00:19 AM -04:00

Southern California home priced jumped 20.2% year-over-year in April, marking the first leap of more than 20% since December 2013.

5/24/2021 5:41:27 PM -04:00

In Agoura Hills, a 48-acre ranch that appeared in "Gone With the Wind" and other Old Hollywood films is on the market for $12 million.

5/23/2021 6:00:49 AM -04:00

We're at the beginning of the California diaspora, and we shudder at the thought.

5/22/2021 8:00:19 AM -04:00

New design showcases iconic arches from the original bridge

5/21/2021 8:00:01 AM -04:00

The owner hopes to make the 73-story skyscraper more competitive with newer campus-like properties that appeal to businesses in creative fields.

5/19/2021 7:25:39 PM -04:00

Maguire shaped the city's skyline as the developer of prominent high-rises, including downtown icon U.S. Bank Tower.

5/19/2021 5:29:31 PM -04:00

Barron Hilton's Bel-Air estate — a 15,000-square-foot Georgian-style mansion — has sold for $61.5 million, the priciest sale so far this year.

5/19/2021 4:08:06 PM -04:00

In Hollywood Hills, an abandoned 100-year-old home once rented by rock icons Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love is on the market for $998,000.

5/19/2021 9:00:33 AM -04:00

In Colorado, Tom Cruise just sold an action-packed estate with a dirt bike course and snowmobile track for his full asking price of $39.5 million.

5/19/2021 8:00:25 AM -04:00

The Los Angeles Times printing plant property will house the proposed production studios, but the newspaper will continue to print there for a time.

5/17/2021 5:48:18 PM -04:00

Former Dodgers ace Zack Greinke just bagged $4.75 million for his huge Studio City Craftsman that he's been trying to sell for three years.

5/17/2021 4:53:41 PM -04:00

In Florida, baseball Hall of Famer Derek Jeter just sold a 22,000-square-foot mega-mansion that he was renting to quarterback Tom Brady for $22.5 million.

5/17/2021 9:00:57 AM -04:00

Architects submitted proposals for ways in which L.A. can densify. The four winners reveal a smart use of land that speaks to the types of L.A. designs that already exist

5/14/2021 3:31:27 PM -04:00

In Beverly Hills, Korn guitarist James Shaffer is asking $5.495 million for his Hamptons-style home of five years.

5/12/2021 4:30:48 PM -04:00

'Black-ish' creator Kenya Barris just paid $7.25 million for a waterfront home in Toluca Lake, making it his fifth home in the San Fernando Valley.

5/12/2021 8:00:09 AM -04:00

In the three years since the Los Angeles Fire Department began tracking them, fires related to homeless camps have more than doubled.

5/11/2021 7:19:36 PM -04:00

After three years in Studio City, Swedish DJ Alesso is asking $6.5 million for his architectural home with a movie theater and bar.

5/11/2021 3:54:02 PM -04:00

Black Mountain Ranch, a 3,600-acre working cattle/horse ranch that combines 63 parcels in Ojai, just hit the market for $100 million.

5/10/2021 6:08:07 PM -04:00

Actor Tobey Maguire just sold a 1-acre plot of land in Brentwood for $10.75 million, the second-priciest land deal in L.A. so far this year.

5/10/2021 5:13:42 PM -04:00

In the coveted coastal community of Point Piper in Australia, media mogul Lachlan Murdoch has paid $29.8 million for a small boat shed.

5/7/2021 2:22:03 PM -04:00

In the Beverly Hills Post Office area, pop star Katy Perry sells the house next door for $7.475 million, or $25,000 more than she paid 3 years ago.

5/6/2021 3:56:48 PM -04:00

Singer-actor Tyrese Gibson is asking $3.5 million for his Woodland Hills home with a Transformer replica in the backyard.

5/5/2021 7:22:06 PM -04:00

After a year of ownership, Olympic skiier Lindsey Vonn and NHL star P.K. Subban just sold their Beverly Hills home for $6.9 million.

5/5/2021 4:25:20 PM -04:00

Musician Tommy Lee just paid $4.15 million for a Japanese-inspired retreat in Brentwood, complete with a tearoom, koi pond and garden room.

5/4/2021 7:00:32 PM -04:00

Phil Spector's longtime home, an Alhambra mansion known as the Pyrenees Castle where he murdered Lana Clarkson in 2003, has sold for $3.3 million.

5/4/2021 4:19:38 PM -04:00

Bill and Melinda Gates' divorce could put several luxury homes in play, including a cavernous estate complete with a trampoline room.

5/4/2021 8:00:52 AM -04:00

With soundstages in short supply and production on the rise, a developer plans to build a new studio in Hollywood.

5/4/2021 8:00:19 AM -04:00

Native American settlements were first, and then the rancho system -- Spanish then Mexican land grants throughout California -- were built atop and near those settlements and still shape our geography and place names.

4/30/2021 9:00:48 AM -04:00

Vacation destinations have become primary homes during the COVID-19 pandemic as Lake Tahoe and Palm Springs see surges in population and housing costs.

4/29/2021 8:00:35 AM -04:00

A cold storage plant in Los Angeles' Arts District would be replaced with housing, offices, a hotel and shops in a proposed mega-development called Fourth & Central.

4/27/2021 9:00:27 AM -04:00

L.A. City Councilman John Lee is again battling plans for a homeless housing project along Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Chatsworth.

4/27/2021 8:00:15 AM -04:00

"Them: Covenant" on Amazon Prime is a reminder of the all-too-common housing covenants that restricted who could buy homes in certain neighborhoods in Compton, around Southern California and elsewhere. Determined Black people over the decades fought for their rights to live where they pleased.

4/23/2021 1:18:21 PM -04:00

Billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad is asking $58.5 million for his architectural beach house in Malibu, down 22% from his original price tag.

4/23/2021 11:57:02 AM -04:00

In Calabasas, Celtics star Paul Pierce just sold his Mediterranean-style mansion with a Celtics-themed basketball court and bowling alley for $8 million.